About Us

Microsigns has developed a unique platform specifically tailored to meet the operating challenges of mobile phone retailers. Our consumer-facing devices – small interactive screens located where the newest phones are demonstrated – improve the in-store experience for both shoppers and staff.


For consumers, a rich, accurate range of information about phones and plans is always available, even when sales associates are occupied with other customers. For retailers, MicroSigns technology offers a dramatic upgrade from limited, bland and often non-compliant paper fact tags.


MicroSigns has developed – from the ground up – a management and distribution platform specifically tuned to the unique needs and processes of wireless retailers, and designed flexible hardware solutions that integrate easily and appropriately into any store design.


Established in 2003, and based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, privately-held MicroSigns has active systems operating or in advanced evaluation stages with some of the top wireless retailers in Europe and North America.

Why Top Retailers Are Choosing MicroSigns

The paper fact tags and other materials that retailers use to merchandise mobile and consumer electronics devices are hopelessly inadequate.  They can’t possibly answer all the questions shoppers have about pricing and features, and it’s a challenge just to have the right fact tag with up to date information beside the right device.


The MicroSigns platform cost-effectively changes all that.

On-demand, Accurate and Aligned

  • Intuitive user experience for retailers and customers
  • Dynamic price and plan updating over a secure network
  • Available when sales associates aren’t
  • Extends mass media and online marketing to stores and last steps in the path to purchase

Sophisticated and Bulletproof

  • Attractive but rugged digital merchandising solution
  • Cloud-based platform ensures reliable, scalable service
  • Tight, seamless integration with retailer systems
  • Cost-efficient, with clearly-defined ROI benefits

Strong Operations & Support

  • Guidance and direct assistance from concept through rollout
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Single-focus customer base (this is what we do)

End To End R&D

Multidisciplinary, in-house team with direct wireless and CE retailing insight designs and develops:

  • Software
  • Display and playback hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Seamless integrations with retailer CRM, ERP, POS and PIM systems