Microsigns – Engaged Retail

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MicroSigns are interactive smart screens that telecoms retailers are using to transform the shopper dynamic in their stores – enabling consumers to self-engage and start moving down the purchase decision path.

Telecoms retailers that are using MicroSigns are seeing dramatic increases in engagement ratios, same store sales and sales margins. MicroSigns are converting intimidated shoppers into informed, comfortable buyers who are ready and eager to talk to sales staff.

MicroSigns is more than just the networked screens in store. A powerful, data-driven back-office platform ties into the telecom’s retail systems and enables MicroSigns clients to centrally manage their planograms, and adjust merchandising and messaging based on near real-time feedback from each store.

Campaigns and promotions make it to stores on time and change on schedule using MicroSigns, and merchandising and marketing compliance become problems from the past. Use our menu to find out more about power and value of MicroSigns.


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