The MicroSigns digital merchandising platform transforms telecom retailing, delivering higher shopper engagement rates, dramatic same-store sales increases, boosted margins and better shopper experiences.

MicroSigns is a cloud-based (SaaS) digital merchandising platform used by telecom and CE retailers to automate the planning, execution and measurement of their marketing mix directly at the point-of-purchase.  Wireless, interactive 3.5-inch color LCD displays are positioned next to each demo device in retail stores, showing their price, features, accessories and promotions.

Overview 1AShoppers can independently self-engage throughout a store, raising their understanding and confidence about devices and plans, and making them less intimidated about the process and ready to talk to sales people.

Engagement ratios have soared as much as 80%
in telecoms retailers using MicroSigns displays and the supporting platform. Same store sales have increased by as much as 30%, and margins have also jumped as more informed, comfortable shoppers buy up on products and plans. The MicroSigns system is much more than displays and their management tools.  MicroSigns has developed a set of best practices and processes while implementing its solution with more than 10 large international telecom retailers.

MicroSigns capabilities include:

Improving Conformance Management

Overview 2AMicroSigns empowers retailers to develop, execute and manage planograms at head office, and see them accurately followed in stores across the retail estate. The digital merchandising platform changes compliance measurements from audit reports to hourly measurements, based on the placement of merchandising information at each product position in each store, following a planogram defined by head office. Compliance is measured by region, store, sections within individual stores and even by individual products. MicroSigns customers repeatedly reach 98-100% compliance levels because the system is directly managed by head office and store managers. All changes made by store staff are tracked and reported, so that head office always knows what’s going on, and why.

Making Complex Segmentation Easy

Existing merchandising processes and available signage solutions make it difficult to manage a segmented offer, where different products, services and plans can be shown in different store segments, or associated to the same product in different sections of a store. MicroSigns enables users to create product categories and store segments that can be associated with specific offers, which can then be differentiated by variables like price, bundling and promotional offers. Equipped with these tools, merchandising teams can easily manage the placement of in-store product information by targeting the most appropriate offers, buy-back plans and bundles, based on segments and categories.

Giving Feedback From The Shop Floor

Overview 3AThe MicroSigns platform captures customer interactions on the digital displays at each product position, for each store, for the entire retail estate. This feedback data provides invaluable insights into customer engagement with products, merchandising positions, promotions and segments. Telecom merchandising teams suddenly have a steady, near real-time window on the effects of their mix on customer engagement in their stores. This includes observing the most frequented products and positions, as well as the most viewed promotions and offers. Teams can readily identify and optimize against underperforming products and positions, ineffectual promotions, weak pricing and product placements, and execution flaws in merchandising campaigns.

Creating Intrigue And Engagement

Effective content designed and run on MicroSigns intrigues shoppers and draws them deeper into the buying process, making them less intimidated about the spectrum of products and plans, and more comfortable talking to sales people. Great content gets shoppers involved, answers questions and narrows their choices.

Performance Management

Measuring and analyzing engagement rates helps telecoms retailers understand what’s happening on the sales floor, particularly the effectiveness of communications. Once a customer is engaged, it is much easier for a salesperson to approach and influence the sale. 

Overview 4AMicroSigns gives merchandising teams the tools to execute merchandising programs, segment their merchandising mix, measure customer interactions and continually improve their customer engagement strategies through the use of benchmarking techniques and the establishment of best practices in stores. MicroSigns changes traditional merchandising processes by providing the merchandising teams with a direct link between their strategies and store performance.

Telecoms retailers that have deployed MicroSigns into their retail estates have seen a powerful return – both in numbers and experience. Self-engagement technology is having a big impact on wireless retailing, and smart companies are turning to MicroSigns to make it happen.